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The 911 Address Sign project was suggested to us by the KofC Council 11664 in Leelenau County, MI. They have been running this project as a fund raising activity for several years and have been very succesful. Our council, KofC 9979 decided to give it a try too!

The 911 address marker goes by the road in front of your house as a mailbox address sign. They make a great street address marker! This sign is a highly visible address sign with great nightime visibility. It's made from highly relective material that makes it easy for 911 emergency responders and others to find your home quickly and easily.

If you ever have to make a 911 emergency call, this sign could save your life, or the life of someone you love!

Delivery people love these reflective address numbers too! The mailman, UPS, FEDEX and other small parcel delivery drivers will love how easy it is to find your street address once your 911 house numbers are in place!

Why buy from us?

The profits from the sale of these 911 Address Signs go into our councils general fund. From our general fund, we donate money and help to support local charities in the Traverse City MI and surrounding comunities. We are a charitble organization and are not out to make a profit.

Don't like buying online?

If you prefer not to order online, you can download an order form here. Please note, signs can only be installed in the local Traverse City, MI area. If you'd like to request an install, send us an email with your address.

Want more information about the Knights?

For more about The Knights of Columbus, see the About us page.

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