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911 Address Sign

Manufacturer: KofC9979

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This is an address sign that goes by the road in front of your house. This sign is made from highly relective material that makes it easy for emergency responders and others to find your home quickly and easily. Thus the name "911 sign". It may help save your life, or someone you love.

  • The sign is 6" x 18".
  • It has rounded corners with 4 predrilled holes in the corners of the sign to make it easy to attach to a sign post, your mail box post or your house.
  • The numbers are 3" white reflective vinyl and are offset to one side.
  • The numbers are on both sides.
  • Highly visible, day or night.
  • Fade resistant, lasts for years.
  • (The post is not included.)

If you seem to be stuck on the check out page, look for the field to enter  the address you want on your 911 address sign. You must fill it in to continue!

All profits from the sale of these signs go to help various charities that our council supports. Our councils adminsitrative costs are very low. The combination of many fund raising activities, including the sale of these signs, allows us to cover all our councils costs and give generously to many different charities.